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Music, Lights, Cameras - Let's Roll!

Finally, after years of planning and preparing, we are ready to shoot our first music video! This has been a long time coming but boy are we ready.

Nobody ever said the music industry was an easy one and I totally get that but making a music video is another game all together. So much planning, organizing, hiring, etc. Have I said how much I love this? I can not even explain the sheer gratitude I have for all the amazing people working so hard with me to make this dream come true. The creativity needed and shown in this journey is mind blowing (do you know what a story board is? I sure didn't until now). The coolest part about this video is - there is no right or wrong way. You get to be as unique and different as you want. Who wants to be like everyone else when they have the rare opportunity to really show the world another side? Making a music video should always be a fun learning experience.

Over the years, music has continued to become an integral part of my life. I have experienced various types of music and they all play a major roll in who I am now. I look back now and think what my visions were at the beginning to how they have evolved and will continue to change. Music videos are now considered an art form vs. a commercial gig because of the low-to-no budgets and I was fortunate enough to focus my entire budget towards making sure the production quality is strong.

I am eternally grateful because this crew for the most part, has done me a huge favor and worked for minimal. Hours and hours have been put into this and we are so excited to share it with the world. Will this be the last? Not at all! Hopefully, my team will want to keep working with me on new projects and if so, there will be more. This journey has been a humbling one and I am forever thankful to be able to see my dreams come alive and for all the love shared along the way.

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