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Personal Biography

Inspired by a Lifetime Passion for Singing & a Strong will to Achieve his Dreams

Stephen McPherson popularly known as NTQ is a sensational Reggae Dancehall crossover Artist from Kingston 2 (east Kingston) Jamaica. Working ShartyB Records label, NTQ’s is inspired by a lifetime passion for singing and a strong will to achieve his dreams. His artistry stems from years of hardship, struggles, joys, sadness, and celebrations. Music is the language of the soul, a concept that motivates NTQ’s career as a professional in the music industry and fitness world. With a desire to empower, encourage people to work hard, and never give up on their dreams, he invites you to follow them on this wonderful journey called LIFE. NTQ breathes and lives good music. He released his debut album of eleven tracks titled Body workshop in 2005 recording in Canada with unlimited records.

Some of his tracks include, You Can Smile, Clothes Problem, Dem a Shake, Flirty Flirty, One Time, and more. Between his pure vibe, voice, and unique sound, NTQ music is greatly loved for his energetic delivery in the ever-evolving music industry. With the changing times in reggae music, he strives to make his music meaningful, while capturing the essence of relatable music. His talent is revered for his rare ability to strike a remarkable balance between his sound and original reggae culture, resulting in music for everyone. He is passionate about his listeners and creates songs that bring pleasure to their listening moments. NTQ is delighted to be a part of such amazing times in the mainstream entertainment and music industry globally. NTQ Music brings a different but consistent vibe to his music. He also motivates fans from across the world to feel comfortable pursuing their dreams and become the best version of themselves. You can follow him on all social media platforms as:

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