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Tracking Your Weight

Most people don't like to weigh themselves because, well, let's face it; they're afraid of the results. But in order for us to manage our weight we need to throw out the "once-a-week" theory and just step on that scale! So why do you need to weigh yourself 4 to 5 times a day? It's important to know your current weight and the factors that may influence those results.

Keeping a notebook of your results can help you monitor your progress. So after each weigh-in make sure to write it down. Start by weighing yourself first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up. Then weigh-in again after breakfast. Once you finish with your daily activity, weigh-in again prior to eating dinner. Lastly, after dinner and snacks, weigh-in again just before bed.

The next day continue the same. You may find that your first weigh-in the next day is slightly higher than the day before but this is normal. What you eat before you go to bed stays in your system because you are not active while you sleep. By monitoring these results you can determine how much you need to eat while you are active or inactive. You can also determine how fast you gain weight and whether the weight you lose is water weight or fat weight.

The average person's weight can fluctuate between 5-6 lbs/day! We pee and lose; we eat or drink and put on a few pounds, etc.

When you go to the gym and weigh yourself, then start your workout while drinking water to stay hydrated, when you finish and weigh yourself again the number will be higher. This is because everything you eat and drink adds to the weight of your body until you burn it off. So weighing yourself 4 to 5 times a day will help you monitor and control your weight.

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